Makeup Artist Alma Cedillo is Professional Makeup and Hair Artist, her dedication to the art of Makeup creates a unique style, she’s passionate about beauty.

Alma’s training in Beauty began when she was 17 years old, that’s why Alma pays particular attention to the importance of shading, undertones and blending.

It is there that Alma received her strongest encouragement to pursue her God given talents in beauty, then Alma continued her education by studying all aspects of beauty including Hair styling, she graduated from Cinema Makeup School 7 years ago.

For as long as Alma can remember, Alma have always been mesmerized by glamour, she loved the transformation process.

Beauty isn’t just about MAKEUP; it’s about self-confidence, individuality and the desire to embrace your inner beauty. These are the beauty marks that really make you unforgettable.

Alma Cedillo is an experience Makeup Artist in High Fashion, Glamour, Editorial, History makeup 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 1800s, Air brush, avant garde, Beauty, Classic, FX, Body painting, TV, Film, Runway, and Photo shoots, music videos. She has worked with most ethnic backgrounds, as well as male and female, she is a Makeup Artist with a very unique style, her education has taught her many different aspect of the makeup Industry. As a Professional Makeup Artist, Alma’s speed, technique and thoroughness are great assets.

Influenced my ideals of Beauty:

Max Factor- smashbox, Joe Blasco, Robert Jones, Kevin Aucoin, John Vargas, Nelly Recchia, Rick Baker.